Good morning readers and may this blog find you in peace. We all dread these Manic Monday’s, but truth is that this is the beginning of another week ahead. So let’s take all positive energy and utilize it to get us through the day!

Starting with MOTIVATION…I will share this video that is dedicated to Monday mornings and add my “CUP OF COURAGE COFFEE” with you all as well!




Your time is limited. So don’t waste it living someone else’s life”. (Steve Jobs)

“Have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition”. (Steve Jobs)



As you begin your day, think about how you get ready to either prepare or order and drink your coffee. You take the risk of either your coffee being just right, or on point just the way you like it. Despite the fact that you know it may be brewing hot, you still anticipate it’s taste. All of this with the sole purpose of waking you up and giving you the energy to start your day. Well this is exactly what dealing with Monday’s is like…so wake up, smell the coffee, enjoy it either way and make it through another routine day. Life brings us bitter and sweet, just like coffee, but we taste it anyway and keep moving. Therefore to the Mondays that are sweet and on point, enjoy it to the fullest and the bitter days, just deal with them and know that there is always a chance to brew another cup!


Okay, we need some MEDITATION ….now. This song that I chose is one that I just want you to listen to. Pay real good attention to the lyrics and embrace the beat. These words are so powerful and inspiring, that if it doesn’t wake you up out of bed, it will definitely having you rocking and thinking. Enjoy people and you got this, so just do it!


That’s right, nothing can stop you…..but YOU. Let’s get it started people and don’t give up. Until we meet again, enjoy your day, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!





Carmichael, E.(2011). Motivational Video – Watch Every Monday.






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