Hello to all my readers and may this blog find you in good peace!After a Manic Monday, I felt as though some laughs were in order. Many times we have re watched  are favorite movies, and even though the scenes are not new to us, they still make us laugh. Well I decided to share some of those memorable laughs with you today, to see those SMILES!!! So enjoy these FIVE FAVORITE FILM FUNNIES!……LET THE LAUGHING BEGIN!!!



Who don’t remember this and just bust out laughing. Did Smokey really just try to stop that car with his feet….LMAOROTF!!!!!! Then you hear Craig in the background…too hilarious! As I was watching this, I was laughing so hard I starting crying. Smokey is a mess of too funny. Thanks Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, our FRIDAYS will never be the boring same again!!



Okay, so these two here take action, drama, funny to a whole new level. As I’m watching this, I can’t stop laughing at Will and Martin. The captain though….this fellow here is hit with the funny skill as well! With Bad Boys 1 & 2 being some of my favorites, this scene is a favorite among others. If you haven’t watched either one, hurry up because sequels following are in the air!



If you don’t remember this, at least I know you are laughing now. This famous Chris Rock scene will forever be remembered and keeping us rolling on the floor. I felt that this is suitable to bring the giggles to our TICKLED TUESDAY. Don’t laugh to hard if you’re at the gig and enjoy it to the fullest if you’re not!




Tyrese is too funny and a lot like many of us would be as well. Despite the fact that we all understand his level of fear….from the praying to the reasoning of how he would stay on the plane, this guy has made this scene one of my favorites. With a love for all seven of these submerged levels of entertainment, each character made these movies worth watching. And as always, sex symbol Tyrese keeps the laugh throughout the movie with his signature moments. R.I.P. TO PAUL WALKER…and as a true fan I will be waiting on the next one!



I must say, this most definitely was some additional entertainment during the awards. These HOLLYWOOD HUSBANDS, (okay)…did their thing, despite the dissing lyrics. Shout out to Nelly for the only true rapper of this cypher (no disrespect to Nick), Nick…you are really the pretty mfk…Boris..German Rap…interested and not understood, but thanks for the side note translation…JB..we here you and enjoy rolling with the lunatic…Dwayne…keep trying and Kevin, CHOCOLATE DROP…you keep me rolling on the floor to your hilarious behavior!


Well there you have it, your TICKLED TUESDAY blog…I hope you enjoyed them and will utilize these laughs to get you through your day and your week. So until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!!

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