Good morning readers and may this blog find you in good peace!


We all face issues and problems daily, but that doesn’t have to define us and who we are. Think of a time you have heard a story or testimony and all you could say was….WOW…and then you begin to feel empathy or sympathy and possibly both. So I dedicate today to those moments when the WOW feeling just takes over!

I met a woman and she shared the following:

“When I was a little girl, two days out the hospital and our house caught a fire. After being left in the burning house, my father bravely re-entered the burning unit, after numerous demands by the fire department to not go in. With an obvious purpose on this earth, my father saved me and himself in what would have been the last day of my life. I pray every day and thank him for allowing me to just see another day!”

WOW…she could have died because she was only two days old…Thank God!

I met a woman and she shared the following:

“I have four children and they all are by one man. Unfortunately, he eventually left me to raise these children alone and it was struggle after struggle. With over 50% of their life being homeless, this only made me more determined. In addition, my children lost five major family members to death that was very emotional for them to deal with. Not having to deal with gangs, drugs, jail or death of my sons, or pregnancy and dropout from my daughters, I did something right.  After finally obtaining stable shelter, I begin to place my life in order and started out on my journey. All my children graduated from high school and looking at each diploma everyday on my mantel still inspires me today. I even had a National Honors Society Inductee, who was accepted at over ten Universities. Now I sit back and look at these beautiful seeds that I made, who are my complete support system that I trust, as mature and respectable adults!”

WOW….that is just beautiful, these babies definitely beat the odds!

I met a woman and she shared the following:

“After meeting the man of my dreams, I feel in love and we were married within six months. I knew he loved me and my children, which is why we shared ten beautiful years together. Despite the fact that he had a child out-of-wedlock, I embraced his child and love him as my own. Tragically, my husband was murdered, right before our anniversary and I felt as if my world had shattered. With seeing him lying on that morgue table, seeing him made up in his casket, to his casket going down in that grave….I wish that on no one. As I stand here today, the pain is no easier even after seven years, but what hurts more is that his two best friends are held in custody for my husband’s murder. Every time they appear in court, I am right there and not for them, but for my husband. Does it hurt, of course, but there is no way I wouldn’t support him just because he is deceased. He may be gone, but never forgotten. So let me get to going, because court is about to be in session and I will be there!”

WOW….my heart and respect for still being a devoted wife, R.I.P. BIG BABY!

I met a woman and she shared the following:

“Believe it or not, I actually liked school, I just didn’t like the people in it. I was an honor roll student and always came home with a great report card, the kind you run to show mommy and daddy. But I dropped out in 8th grade, three months to my graduation. after ditching school for some time, my home room teacher came to my house and well you know…my butt was hurting. Because he believed in me, he told my mother he would give me my diploma if I passed the constitution. Because he knew my capability, I took the two test, without any prior studying for the state or federal. Well, I walked out that school with my diploma due to my 79% on the federal and 82% on the state. Moving on to high school, people just got worst, so of course I dropped out. After ten years, I decided to go get my GED and passed the first time with high honors. Next, I moved on and obtained my Associates Degree in Business and this was the first time I actually walked across a stage in a cap and gown. I will never forget that feeling, because I did that. As a High Honors Recipient, I presented the graduation speech on behalf of the students. With my children looking at me in the audience, it was one of the proudest days of my life and I did that. Currently enrolled in my Bachelors course online in my last academic year, without a computer or internet of my own in the first 50% of my classes, I am only 35 credits shy of my degree….I DID THAT!”

WOW…that dedication and motivation, big ups on the achievements!

I met a woman and she stated the following:


WOW…..That’s right!

What a Wednesday WOW…because all of those women are ME….AND I’M EVERY WOMAN!

I am built on what has strengthen me and that is something that I DID…I DID THAT!

So, before I go, just remember that those WOW moments that we get, see, hear or are apart of….strengthen us and prepares us for what is next. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count, and have an AWESOME DAY!!!



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