Good morning readers and may this blog find you in good peace! Today I will dedicate my blog to the Trick and Treat 4 Thursday. With myself being an aspiring event planner, I am constantly searching and looking for new ideas. Therefore, I will share some that I found that may be of some use to you all as well.

Understanding that the summer has wind down, I thought these ideas may be some you can use before you go completely indoors. Or maybe just wait till next year and utilize them then, either way, I want you to try them out!

My first choice is….TREAT…that I felt looked good, very convenient and even enjoyable for the little ones as well. Wondering what different things I could have done with the watermelon, these few ideas would have been just right!

Image result for outdoor party treats

This can be a way to distribute watermelon easy and not as messy. Simple cuts of triangles and insert big Popsicle sticks!

Image result for outdoor party treats

This an additional way to share these quick and fun treats. Not only can the children enjoy them through the cups, adults can as well. From decorative containers and sticks, you can dress the treat up really cute!

Image result for outdoor party treats

Now this is just too cute, here we have a TREAT AND TRICK…that may take some time and focus. But this little beauty seem to be worth the work and looks like it would delicious! Can you say a work of ART 2 EAT!!!


The next idea….TRICK…. I will share is a fun and creative way to serve condiments at an outdoor or even indoor event. Before I saw this, even my creative self didn’t think about this!

Image result for outdoor party treats

As you see, we have another way to enjoy our watermelon as well. The use of the muffin pan, is such a neat and creative way to have condiments accessible for your guest!

There you have it….we learn something new everyday and this is one of them.

So to the next time I plan an indoor or outdoor event, this will be a crafty way that I accommodate my guests. I hope you enjoyed the ideas I shared and maybe it just gave you an idea to use.

CHALLENGE: If you have a TRICK or TREAT that you think is a good idea, do the following….

  1. Like my blog and follow if you’re not
  2. Comment your name and share your idea
  3. Provide the blog or link where you found it
  4. Share the blogs of three bloggers with similar interest

Hope to see your ideas and thanks for stopping by for my TRICK AND TREAT THURSDAY. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!






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