Good morning readers and may my blog find you in good peace. As you rise and shine, to head to that “good honest grind”, don’t allow the dreadfuls of Mondays to keep you down. Today starts the beginning of a fresh week and as you prepare yourself for all of the duties ahead, take a minute and just be thankful for seeing another day!

Welcome to “MOTIVATING MEDITATION MONDAY”, and my efforts are to give us all that boost that we need to get our morning started and day complete. To MOTIVATE is something that I love to do, and feel it is my duty based on those who gave me so much throughout my journey. My “CUP OF COURAGE COFFEE”, is dedicated to the topic of MOTIVATION.


When I go for my daily run of coffee, it is not only a routine but also a want. To strive for something we want, is just what MOTIVATION is. After many thoughts of sharing some ideas, with an organization, I stepped out on faith and initiated a shared vision. Once the conversation was finished, I was requested to do a task and I did. After an obvious review of my ideas, the organization reached out to me with an interest in my ideas. My procrastination went on for a few months, all while their decision took less than 24 hours. As individuals, we must be driven by something and MOTIVATION is the fuel that makes us move. I finally took a sip of my COURAGE COFFEE and found myself headed in the direction I only dreamed of. Don’t hesitate on something you want and desire, because if no efforts are made, no rewarded results can be shown. I was driven by the want and desire to share my creative signature treats with this company, and all while I let fear hold me back….I was wasting gas (MOTIVATION) wondering if this is the right way or not. Many years of being driven by this gift, I got right in the car headed my way and didn’t say anything. Never hesitate or doubt your ability and allow you strength and belief in yourself to be your MOTIVATION!

I feel as if this video is a good example of never giving up….the best words associated with MOTIVATION! We must believe in ourselves…to make any progress that leads to success!



“If your effort is low…you are probably not thinking about the opportunity, your just thinking about the obligation.” This is deep and so true, because when we make efforts it is usually toward wanted goals. I love motivating videos and what that can put on my mind!


I love to MEDITATE and I find so much of it in listening to music, while others make time for it in different ways. As many may know, energy is a very powerful thing…and when we encounter to many at the same time, of different nature, it can affect us in some sort of way. the objective of my meditation to music, is to listen to the words that are delivering a message. Real music produces real connections to relative experiences. Some artist I believe even find MEDITATION in their own lyrics. Therefore, I would like to share some MEDITATING melodies that always put me in a relaxed mode!






These songs, have some power in their lyrics and we all must pay attention. Let the words of these music melodies….and become MOTIVATED in MEDITATION. We can make a change, because UNITED WE STAND…DIVIDED WE FALL!

Well there you have it, my “MOTIVATING MEDITATION MONDAY”, and I hope that you all will take this blog and pay it forward some how. Whether it be in your life or someone else life.  I would like to end this blog with another video, who I feel as if the lyrics have a message that we all can MEDITATE on. So, until we meet again make it count, be safe and have an AWESOME DAY!






YouTube video: Believe In Yourself




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