Good morning readers and may my blog find you in great peace. Over the last few years, my interest in seeking and obtaining knowledge have increased drastically. I am at a point in my life where I understand that there are many things I don’t know, but that just means I have something new to learn. On my blog of “WEDNESDAY’S WOW”, I would like to share a few interesting things I have come across over the years, that made me think and say…WOW!. There is information that I didn’t look at in this perspective and just was down right oblivious. Therefore, today will be dedicated to the WOW news that I have been encountered with, that just may have you feeling like WOW!

In a class I took before, this video clip was included as a requirement to view. After looking at the clip, my thought was just like…WOW…and I begin to think about the message that was being delivered. Can you decipher, what is being conveyed through this clip? DEEP!!



This is so deep and a true testament, that i believe many may have. As he strolls with his companion on the walk, he shares his views and opinions. Then he fills a can up with gas, to only further set himself a fire. Is this what the human race really feels, or is this just a numbered few? The feeling of rather taking yourself out, before the world takes you out is some deep thoughts to carry and harbor. On top of that, there are people walking by and just standing around looking at this. Is this what it has come to, or what it has always been like?  This is just a clip, but there is a whole documentary of this film titled..”The Waking Life”….you should check it out, it’s really deep and mindful thinking!


Now, this next video is one I came across in another class. This session, made me think about similarities that I saw in myself and other women. As women, the need, desire, and want, to be the center of attention, is something many of us feel at some point. But what alluring prompts make us feel this way, this woman here will share her opinion. Even while there may be some of you who don’t agree, I know that some of you can honestly relate and just say….WOW!


Yes, as a woman, I can admit that I have participated in habitual body monitoring. This can be a sign of insecurity and a reason behind the much competition women seem to encounter. My objective is to not point the finger at women, but include myself and say that she is on to something. Females in this new generation, tend to focus more on how a person views that exterior and not focus on their interior. This is information that we need to pay attention to, and not allow our female generations behind us to feel beauty is only present visible. These young ladies need to understand that their body is not a commercial ad, but rather it is a sacred place where very few she get to know!


I am a believer of a higher power and I feel as if we are surrounded by spirits or energies. Many may not believe in this, but I do and even in John Edwards. This next clip is a ….WOW…feeling I received when I first encountered this man by watching him. He has been getting much review, positive and negative, but he continues to do what he does, despite it all!

“Psychic Medium John Edward Reads Our Audience | The Meredith Vieira Show”

The courage to be able to be a liaison between the physical body and an energy, is amazing and a special gift. This was emotional and I commend this couple for being able to discuss and remember this tragic time. Understand that john Edward’s intention is not to hurt people, it is just beautiful that gives that connection to loved ones!


Talk about things that make me say..WOW…this next video, had me thinking and doing much research. I will let you decide what you choose to believe or not, but I am not going to end with just this video in my journey of truth.

“5 Most Powerful Families That Secretly Control The World | Dark5”

Okay, so these are the most POWERFUL FAMILIES in the world, and it took a video to disclose this….the things that are not fully told. It is not just the families, but what information is described of them. I always seek knowledge and will continue to get the truth!

As I come to an end of my “WEDNESDAY’S WOW”, I hope you got your WOW feeling as well. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!








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