Good morning readers and may my blog reach you in good peace! Today I dedicate my blog to, “TRICK AND TREAT THURSDAY”, where I will share some tricks for everyday life and treats that you can enjoy at your desire. Even while some ideas may not be new to you, these are ideas that some have never heard of. Some ideas are even new to me and I feel as though it would be nice to share with you all. I hope that you enjoy all of the ideas and even try them one day, with intentions to pass them on!


The first “TRICK” I will show you, are a few that have been placed in a video. Some of the “HACKS” are some that I could see myself doing and will be trying shortly. Who would have thought of the creative and unconventional ways to use everyday products? Check it out and see!


I must say, I will be doing the scarf and using that many times. The bow is cute and quick thinking, but I don’t keep to many paper bags….I guess I will start. Hangers ends for potato chip bag holder, yes….that one will be used as well and I might even paint mine!

This next “TRICK” is a smart way to keep garbage in order in your car. I would’ve never thought about this cute and clean accommodation, that you can put a bag in. Who would have thought to use a cereal dispenser and container. So before you throw that old one away, here is a swift “TRICK” that you can do with it!

Now that is creative and neat, something that would be perfect for a big vehicle or van!

This next “TRICK” is one that may be familiar to y’all, but new to me. I am a fan of glassware and have a fetish for wine glasses. This idea is one I would use, but I normally don’t buy the product. It is a healthy snack and this idea just shows what can be done when the jar is finished. This spread can be delicious, I have heard, but you can continue to utilize the glass for other delicious tastes!

Nutella will be where you start….as well as a “TREAT”…we will get to those next, but the glasses can make some beautiful sets. I guess this is something else on my list of products to begin purchasing!


Taking the glasses, that can be obtained from the snack jars, I have found some tasty looking “TREATS”, that I believe would be good to use with are last “TRICK”. Some fun and cute looking deserts that can be shared with our loved ones or just alone. From fancy functions, to engaging encounters, these few ideas for “TREATS” can be delicious and fulfilling!


That looks good and I put the link for the recipe for you as well!

Now these next “TREATS”, can also be used with glasses, that makes dessert time fun. From putting a cupcake inside, to actually creating the cake inside, is creative!


Image result for treats made in glasses

More information:


With the last “TREAT”, I have chosen a drink, that I feel can be used for indoor and outdoor. With still the ability to utilize the glass set you have obtained, this crafty and cute “TRICK & TREAT” can be another delicious bonus for you and your friends!


Image result for treats made in glasses

For more information visit:



Well, there you have it people, my “TRICK AND TREAT THURSDAY”…I hoped you enjoyed what I have shared, and maybe you will try some of these ideas at your next event. I would like to thank you all for reading my blog and until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!






Savannah’s Video: https://goo.gl/fYFwq9
Savannah’s Channel: https://goo.gl/h10ZaG







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