Good morning readers and may my blog find you in good peace. Today I will dedicate my blog to “TICKLED TUESDAY”, where I will give you that laugh to get you through the day. Whether you are at home, work, school or embracing some alone time….this blog will put that smile on your face from the laughter, ENJOY!

Now we all are familiar with “MADEA”, and she is a character that makes the realness of her so funny. Her creation is among my favorites, that even brings back memories of the old school funny I enjoyed growing up!


Madea is the parent that many children need today…..she don’t play. That’s the way I remember growing up in my neighborhood. I bet that boy will not be around at 3:00, because he know she will be waiting!

Thinking back to those good ole TV shows, that my generation grew up on….it helped us be entertained indoors. Some of my favorites, even while they were made for TV and not cable, gave us funny without the cursing. These comedians and actors shared their talented humor, that many of us will never forget!

Who doesn’t remember Jack Tripper….and his diva duo roommates, well for those of us who do are already laughing. So enjoy this all-time favorite clip of Tripper in action!


I’m crying, this man is too funny and Tambor has made several appearances on this show. He and Jack together,just have you on the floor in tears. R.I.P. JOHN RITTER…YOU ARE TRULY MISSED!!!

From day time to night time, these great funny old school funny are still in our hearts. I just can’t share some funnies and not include Redd Foxx. This man made us laugh so much by arguing with his son and sister-in-law. Here are some favorite moments of his all time funny feuds!


Fred Sanford and Aunt Esther, are known for going at one another….too funny and legendary. Thank you so much for giving us all of the laughter…..even today and may you R.I.P. REDD FOXX!


Now, who don’t remember the famous George Jefferson and Archie Bunker. These two men are firm in their beliefs and funny as hell. Putting them together in a scene, is most definitely going to give you the giggles!


I’m LMAO….when Jefferson finally met his son’s father-in-law…..WTF! Archie had to get a front row seat to this, because he knew that George was going to flip. I enjoyed watching them go at it as neighbors and till this day they can still make me laugh. R.I.P. SHERMAN HEMSLEY AND CARROLL O’CONNOR!

Well, there you have it my “TICKLED TUESDAY” blog and I hoped that you got your laugh on from all of this old school funny. Laughing is a good nutrient to health and it is important that we take the time out to enjoy it. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!



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