Good morning readers and may my blog find you in good peace! Today I will dedicate my blog to “TRICK AND TREAT THURSDAY”…in which I share some fun and neat ideas for everyday duties and even delicious tastes. I hope you enjoy all of the “TRICKS AND TREATS” that you will see on my blog today!



These ideas are smart and budget-able, for everyone to make and enjoy. Because I am the type of person who loves to be organized…..I will be using many of these. The bill holder can be made with not only empty cereal boxes….you can utilize pasta boxes, granola bars boxes and even cake mix boxes!


This next idea, is a “TRICK” that you can use to organize your jewelry and little accessories that you have. I honestly can say, I would have never thought of this….even with my level of creativity!

quick tip, organize your jewerly


Now that we have covered your “TRICKS”…lets move on to some “TREATS”. With the idea of the fun “TRICKS” to do with an ice tray…..I felt as if why not share some “TREATS” that you can use the ice tray as well!


Image result for treats made with ice trays

It seem as if they have taken this idea, to emphasize the shape and add some sprinkles for presentation. That looks good and tasty…..not to mention that these are some of my favorite “TREATS”…I will remember this the next time I make some!

This next “TREAT” is one that can be made with our creative ice trays and another delicious favorite. We can enjoy this tasty snack at a social gathering or just an intimate time alone!


Image result for treats made with ice trays

That just looks delicious and a “TREAT” that I most definitely will be trying. To think, this delicate beauty can be made like this, is just creative and convenient. Make sure you let me know when you try it and share it with us as well!

There you have it LADIES & GENTLEMEN, my “TRICK AND TREAT THURSDAY” and I hope that you enjoyed it…..as well as try some of these “TRICKS AND TREATS” for yourself or your loved ones. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!




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