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Good morning readers and may blog find you in good peace! Today I will dedicate my blog to “TICKLED TUESDAY”….where I will share that funny, that will get you through your day and make you feel like your……LMAO!!!

A laugh is good for all and even for your health, and these shares are in my too funny category of LMAO….things to see. These videos and clips were created to do just that….TICKLE our funny bone and have of rolling on the floor. Some of you may know these Instagram stars and YouTube favorites, either way, enjoy and get your laugh on today!

Okay….this “So Gone Challenge”….has went viral and boy are things coming out. Check out this ….2 FUNNY of how this challenge went all the way wrong!

“This So Gone Challenge will have You Laughing Hard! IT ENDS WITH A FIGHT”

LMAO…..I bet she didn’t think that was his man she was talking about. I’m crying over here, because things like this really happen…….when you try to do a challenge. So people please be careful on what you share…LMAO…because the one you are sharing it with may be involved!

Now this next selection….is an funny one and Instagram famous as well. He has females down pack when it comes to their hair and I am LMAO…ROTF…..at this brother here…..@versatilenstyle……go look him up and follow him Enjoy and get your laugh on to the fullest!

Snoblife Wants you to meet Pressica’………..versatilenstyle

No disrespect…but I know he made you laugh and we had to give it to him, LMAO…because he certainly made me laugh. I recently became familiar with his videos, and he doesn’t disappointment me each time!

This last one I will share…is another humorous media famous favorite. Benji Brown…or KiKi to some…..is just too much for me. This hilarious character, has even revamped a famous talk show that went viral. For those of you that know who I speak of….you have already…LMAO….to this funny diva and the newbies….go follow for more funny!

“Kiki at Myammee’s Hair Spa [Full Version] (@benjibrown1)”


This brother here…has his own show and can easily be found on YouTube. This clip had me crying and I mean in tears….because this character had me…..LMAO!!!!

I hope you enjoyed my blog and was able to have that moment of….LMAO….like I was when I watched these 2 funny clips. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!



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