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Good morning readers and may my blog find you in good peace! Today I will dedicate my blog to my “TICKLED TUESDAY”, where I will give you that laugh to put a smile on your face, that will get you through your day…..and maybe even your week. Enjoy and get your funny on with these favorite funny clips!

We all have them movies that we will watch over and over again, because they make us laugh every time we watch them……here are a few of my favorites that I know many always enjoy!




I love Alan and his whole Wolf Pack……they all are funny……too hilarious!

Now this next clip, is from another all time favorite of a character we have all grown to love and be tickled by. We would love to see these women around more and just laugh at their old fashion ways!



Madea, Cora and definitely Mr. Brown…..be having me LMAOROTF!!!!! Don’t play with MADEA……..Y’ALL KNOW BETTER…..TOO FUNNY!!!

These two men in this next funny favorite, is an all time favorite movie of mine and I know that I was not the only one laughing. This brother has made us laugh in many other character roles….it’s what he does!




This movie, all while being an action drama, had me rotf….because Chris Tucker is just funny as hell like that!

Well there you have it and I hope that you got your laugh on and that smile is planted on your face. If you have seen these favorites, I know you enjoyed them and if you haven’t then go check them out!

I hope that you all enjoyed my “TICKLED TUESDAY”, and until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!!!




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