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Good morning readers and may my blog find you in good peace! Today I will dedicate my blog to my “WEDNESDAY WOW”, where I will make the acronym of W.O.W. and utilize the term….WORDS OF WISDOM!

Many of us have heard them “WORDS OF WISDOM”, that have put something on our head and made us think about certain things more. Therefore today I will share some “WORDS OF WISDOM”, with you and share what they mean to me. Hopefully these messages can and will help some of you, in whatever you may be facing in your life!





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This one has always been one of my favorites, because these three C’s are what life is about. We must first make the choice to do whatever it is that we are about to decide on. Then we take that chance on the choice that was made in the beginning and the change will be the end result. As individuals, we must start with the choices that we make in our lives, because this is the core of whatever you are dealing with in your life. I made the CHOICE to go back to school, took a CHANCE on being able to adapt, and witnessed a CHANGE in my mindset and mentality due to the decision I  made!

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This message right here is deep and something that many of us do….including me. As we tackle our everyday duties and responsibilities, our aim and goal is to maintain our daily survival needs continuously. But even with that, we still need to live by enjoying the beautiful things that are around us….family, loved ones, simple acts of kindness, relaxation, entertainment, adventures and growing old. I know many people that live to work or work to live…..I will work to survive, but I will live as well!



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We all have them people that we can call friends and we have some that we know are just hinders and backstabbers. This quote…”WORDS OF WISDOM”…..has so much weight, because when you are up and doing great, you can count the people around you. Unfortunately, when you are hit with a low and fall, the small number of real friends that you count, keep them because they are true!

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These “WORDS OF WISDOM”, are so deep and meaningful because many times people will try and take your flaws or shortcomings, and judge you by them. Don’t argue, fight, become discouraged….and just accept your mistakes and mishaps and move forward. This reminds me so much of the scene in “8 Mile”, with Eminem and he rapped about all of his flaws and got in front of whatever judgement someone would try to throw at him. Your past is a place where you no longer reside, so don’t stress or entertain those that still dwell there!


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Well there you have it my “WEDNESDAY WOW”….W.O.W….. “WORDS OF WISDOM”…and I hope that you enjoyed it. These messages and quotes that I shared with you today, are definitely my kind of “WORDS OF WISDOM”. We all need to take some time and think about decisions and actions we make, that an ole wise quote could help in making better ones. Until we meet again, be safe, make it count and have an AWESOME DAY!







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