tony robbins quote


Many people have the tendency to speak their minds and feel as if the major objective is to get their opinion across. A wise woman once stated, “Speak from your heart and not your head”. Taking that to heart, I choose to utilize this great technique through my blog post. With an understanding of that and including the quote from a great inspiration, I will share some thoughts on MISTAKES, SLOW PROGRESS and NEVER GIVING UP!


These are something we all make and all have encountered, so there is no need to feel bad about yourself or judge others. MISTAKES are the stepping stones and obstacles that take you or assist in your arrival to your DESTINEDation. We become so overwhelmed, overthrown ed, less-inclined and discouraged by them, to even think to keep going. Making efforts towards something that you are passionate about, will not be mastered on one attempt. Therefore you should understand that MISTAKES must be made to know what needs to be worked on or more knowledge needs to be obtained. Don’t beat yourself up because you seem to not be getting it, be open to believe that there are just areas that need more focus right now.


As you move forward in your journey of life, the areas that brought much difficulty may have you feeling behind or moving slow. Well everyone has a different timeline and course, so the SLOW PROGRESS that you feel as if your in….embrace it. You destiny will not change it’s course, only you do that and understanding that there is no punctuality involved will aid in your journey of life. SLOW PROGRESS does not have to be a bad thing or negative, because many people are moving fast going nowhere. A wise man once said,” Make sure you know the difference between movement and progress”. So just enjoy the view, be receptive to what your being taught, capture the memories and absorb as much knowledge as possible.


Don’t allow yourself to become so impatient with the progress, due to the mistakes and be discouraged to move forward. This will begin to tear you apart and have you feeling a sense of “no win situation” attitude. This is the point where you tie a knot on the bottom of this rope you feel your on and hold on. NEVER GIVING UP, is taking those small pulls one by one and pulling yourself back up to a “I KNOW I CAN” attitude. It’s not that it is easier for me to feel this way, but my thoughts are based on my own personal experience of NEVER GIVING UP. Just remember your vessel’s actions and courses are on you, in regards to what you will and won’t do. Rome was not built in a day, so release the thoughts that it will go right automatically. You must continue to move forward and achieve the goal that was set. When you form a vision in your mind, plan out the required tasks, implement them all and the result is not in your favor….THAT IS NOT A SIGN TO STOP….NEVER GIVE UP!


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