mimi memes


Today I will dedicate my blog to “TUESDAY TEA”, where I will “SPILL THE TEA” on some of our favorite reality shows. Now I do like to be entertained by these real life story lines, but I do be feeling just like the meme above and tell these individuals to just have a seat. My serving or share of the drama will be from “BASKETBALL WIVES”, “GROWING UP HIP HOP” and “BLACK INK CREW CHICAGO”!



Despite the name, these women are not basketball players and only a few are actually wives. Never the less, these beauties serve us drama on every episode. Starting with Shaunie, this creative little BUSINESS body can definitely stir the pot of messy, which she seems to do with such grace. Just because you own what you do, still doesn’t make it right and she should top playing the field with Tami and Evelyn. Speaking of Tami, my Queen, I love you boo and I will always laugh at your jokes because they are REAL FUNNY 😉 ;)!!! Tami I love the real and true you bring to all situations with these different brand of women or JESTERS, too funny and much respect that you can hold your own and KEEP THAT SHIT UP!! Evelyn, I just don’t like you and your snobbish ways. Grant it, you are a very beautiful woman, but your ugliness shows when you insist on your own views to be understood and not consider others….GIRL BYE, THIS NOT YOUR WORLD! Ms. Jennifer, a.k.a. “MESSY BOOTS”, needs to have a seat because she has not been back long enough to really even give an opinion. Especially with all of the domestic issues she is dealing with, how do you even have the energy to carry bones and be messy. Jennifer is back hanging with Evelyn, talking malicious about the other ladies, go and spread info that could have been shared by that individual and think she wasn’t going to get checked…… STOP THE SHENANIGANS MY DEAR! Malaysia is still holding her own and checking any bs on site that crosses her path. Mrs. Jackie Christie, you are definitely one of my favorites and everyone don’t deserve you. IJS, if some one gets in your face ;););), just slap them back into reality…..TOO CUTE AND TOO MUCH FOR THEM HATERS! Keep marrying your husband, because you are actually a WIFE, continue to not let people in your family business and DO YOU!


These spoiled royalty new generations, continue to entertain us with another season of our favorite celebrity children. Master “P” is still doing business, making money and molding his son Romeo, to take over his throne and empire he built.  Just like his name, this young man loves the ladies and this Casanova likes to enjoy himself with them. It seems as if many of the beauties on here this season, have some type of physical connection with Romeo. Angela, Run’s daughter, is just playing dog chase the cat and really don’t know what she wants, let alone with Romeo. After a child, cancelled engagement and back on the single train, she has boarded the route in which she will be closer in proximity to Romeo. Titi, Pepa’s cousin, seems to be feeling the flirtatious vibes from Romeo and she is totally interested. Unfortunately Brianna, Mary J. Blige step-daughter, is straight cock blocking so aggressively and letting it be known that she is attentive to Romeo’s attention. Egypt, Pepa’s daughter, has a new boo with whom she shares a home with and loved ones feel as if he is an opportunist, with hidden agendas. Despite the fact that he has children, Titi among another are trying to convince Pepa that she may need to intervene. Pepa is enjoying her new house alone, her new young dip who she dips with and she thinks that Egypt is just fine. Well we will most definitely see and only time will tell!


OMG, 9MAG, SMDH, and WTF has gotten into Ryan, because he is back and got some real big balls this season. We start off with Phor making his debut of his music at the WGCI Event Charmaine got him in on. Great hook-up and young bro got some other talent besides tats. Next we have Van, Charmaine, Phor and Don trying to figure out what is going on with Ryan because he has been MIA….with the removal of Kat. Not aware of Ryan’s actions let alone thoughts, the crew continue to show up for work. Until the day they arrive and the 9MAG sign is ghost, shop dismantled inside, bullet hole in wall and all the pretty boy tools gone, WTF…VAN’S VOICE!! Not a pretty scene, but the crew insists that Van talked to Ryan to get the 411. Reluctant to his irrational behavior that he feels will surface, Van agrees to meet with the pretty boy and see what is up. After getting Ryan to agree to talk, Van meets with him and Ryan pulls up like Big Homie coming to handle businez. Van holds his own, but most definitely became bothered by the news of the shop space will not be accessible after a week. OMG, thank God Van did not put his hands on this man, because I could feel he wanted to. Now Van must share this news with the crew in hopes that something can be done. All the while on the home front of Ashley and Don, this brother here doesn’t know how to keep his zipper zipped and snap chats CLEAN. Why do you continue to embarrass your wife like that, on national TV, SMDH…..STOP THE BS, SHE DESERVES BETTER! I actually like you bro, but totally dislike your EGO who seems to rule you. DO BETTER DON, 4 YOUR FAMILY, TOO OLD FOR THESE CHILDISH WAYS!!


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