reality tea


Today I will dedicate my blog to “TUESDAY TEA”, where I will give you the 411 on our favorite reality shows. The shows that I will spill the “TEA” on are “BASKETBALL WIVES”, “LITTLE WOMEN LA” and “REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC”!


Despite the fact that she was tried or being pushed, Mrs. Jackie Christie held her own and remembered that she is not supposed to give others that advantage. Now Jennifer is making efforts to be a peace maker, while Tami and Evelyn are not trying to hear it, SO STOP TRYING ALREADY! Then she wants to bring Malaysia to meet up with Evelyn, to just make sure they have no beef. Malaysia is a true Jackie friend and she can still have no problem with Evelyn, OKAY!! The new girls, OG and Cristen have bumped heads on a statement regarding Cristen’s husband and child…NO SHE DIDN’T! With a soft spot for OG, Jackie asks Malaysia to get to know her better and she has her meet up with Evelyn. Jumping off on the wrong foot, OG decides to question Evelyn on her and Jackie’s beef, while Malaysia is signaling a cut it out notion. From wigs being off track to shade being thrown, OG exits the building and prompts Malaysia to throw a wig party to break the tension, or rather WIDEN THE SHADE! Her wigs and attire are being questioned, so Tami is making an effort to shine some light on OG. Wig party comes, OG attempts to apologise, not sure if it lands, Tami makes it a short visit with a smooth exit and then the mean girls…EVELYN & JENNIFER….try to steal the show. I’ll let you know how all of this ends!!


Little what, not here, but big butts and mouths are a few of these beauties assets. First and foremost, Terra is really feeling blue without here BFF Tonia around. The news of Tonia and Christy going to surgery together, with not being informed, is just devastating to Terra. After asking Tonia about what could be done, to fix their friendship and Tonia responds with a request to drop the name Black Girl Moscato, Terra obliged for her BFF! Elena and her husband have made an offer for the beauty bar space, as they wait  patiently for a response. Christy is working on making her body look right so she feels good, which has her in a mental and emotional reck. Jasmine has been requested by her dad to sing “La Bamba” at his restaurant and nervously accepts. She decides to invite all of the girls and their boos, to share this moment with her. Jasmine performs and her fears are eased, with the applause and compliments of her friends on the talent they see she has. BIG UPS JASMINE, SO PROUD OF YOU! And of course, Tonia has Jaa with her….so I will definitely keep you all in the loop!


The wannabes of the rich and famous, NOT, but anyway these ladies are too much. Monique and Robin both are hosting an event, which happens to fall on the same day and splits the group in attendance. Robin is furious that Charrisse and Karen attended Monique’s event and begin to question their friendship. Monique has taken it upon herself to invite the friends she accumulated through Charrisse, to her events. One in particular, is the ex of Sherman ( Gizell’s boo) and Charrisse raises an eyebrow at what the real deal is here. This beauty is Kyndall and I sense that Monique is trying to get a little closer in friendship with her. It actually seems as if Mrs. Monique has her own AGENDA TO FILL. Gizell is firm and adimant about the relationship with Sherman is A WRAP, OVER, FINISHED! Unfortunately Gizell had no clue that the ex boo Kyndall, has been running in her inner circle now. With Karen choosing to invite the newest beauty to her invite, she felt obligated to inform Gizell on the guest who was coming. Sharing this info with Robin, these two decided to share how they feel about Karen’s actions, at her event. Attempt to check the Grand Dame Karen at a Huger Event, WTF, SMDH and LMAOROTF…..I WILL BE SPILLING THE TEA WHEN IT SPLASHES!!


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