I have always been strong right from the start,

With a loving, pleasing and generous heart.

To cook, clean and bring forth a tribe well blessed,

Would be questions that haters would second guess.

Not to prove myself or keep up with the JONES,

I held my head high and avoided the stones.

I was talked about, belittled, dragged through the mud,

Because I decided to let God judge me from above.

I don’t boast or brag on a long fairytale,

But embark on my skills as a strong female.

To go from a girl to mother with healthy off springs,

I enjoy my family, my love, to be surrounded around me.

Give and take, are tribulations I may face,

And I continue to ask God for his glory and grace.

To be able to stand, defend and acknowledge my name,

Is a natural high with no monetary gain.

I know it’s hard to believe and have faith within,

But when you are blessed with my company, you will know then.

See I’m not just a female with an ordinary plan,

I’m First Lady, who is MORE THAN A WOMAN!

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