Today I will dedicate my blog to “TUESDAY TEA”, where I will share the tea on some of my favorite TV DRAMAS. Pulling away from the reality this week, I tune you in to a few entertaining and addictive shows that grab my attention. With a taste of the south from “QUEEN SUGAR”, a pamper given to you with designs by “CLAWS” and a modern day family mafia illuminated in “ANIMAL KINGDOM”, my tea will definitely be good!!


This southern tale, with its southern belles and southern hospitality, has shared its drama with another season for us. The  Bordelons are back and Charlie’s business move is exposed to the family. After a business deal is made between Charlie and the Landrys, the family is devastated that she would hurt the family so. Making efforts to convince them that this is what she does, the fact that Ralph-Angel knew got him some raised eyes as well. Nova was more than pissed and gave her sister some distance, because honestly she has her own plate. With having her possible book deal pulled back, she is adamant on figuring out what her book will be titled and about. Having unintentionally gotten Micah on her side, Nova explains to him that despite what Charlie has done, she is still his mother. This brother just doesn’t seem to get a break from mental stress, even with him being granted the request to go to public school. Micah loves to be around his people, but it is emotionally devastating to see how they are treated at times. On top of all of that, his father Davis just shared that he has a 13 year-old daughter, that his mother doesn’t know about. WTF! As if Charlie needs to be hurt by her marriage to Davis any more, glad they got a divorce. Ralph-Angel is still upset with Darla, over the paternity test with Blue and finds it difficult to deal with him now that Darla is gone. With a little true BLUE LOVE, he realizes that he loves this little boy to death and embraces him. Sure enough, Darla pops up unexpectedly and sends roaring emotions through Ralph-Angel’s blood by announcing she was staying. Now Hollywood wants nothing more, than to spoil  Aunt Vi with all of that settlement money, but she is too busy with her pie baking business to enjoy it. After Hollywood’s class reunion and having to show an old flame, what a new and vet flame can do, Aunt Vi begin to consider many things. As the bonfire, a tribute to Mr. Bordelon went on, the family sent burnt messages to heaven that were quite emotional. I wonder what will burn a fire next on this drama, I will definitely keep you in tune!


These felines are ferocious and fierce, with a little funny as well and they are back. Stilling clipping toes and hoes, still filling nails & bodies and still dealing with pretty crazy cats, I love them all. Now Desna, QUEEN BEE herself, has a good heart and intentions, but just not able to shake Uncle Daddy, his sons and their bogus empire’s mess. After making a deal with the Russian HBIC, she gets Uncle Daddy and his premature boys, Roller and Brice more life line. She finds herself still at the same shop, cleaning double the money, saving more lives and on a better note getting good sex with her boo. OMG, she has no clue yet, that her boo…is the TOP MAN, damn Desna. Brice left Jennifer and she misses him, but won’t be kissing no ass just because she slept with another man….a Rabbi. SMDH Jennifer, but you go girl because I think you are pretty and can do some nails. Roller still making attempts at Desna, while she constantly reminds him that they are old news, no repeats, no recaps, no renew, nothing…LMAO! Polly and Dr. Ken are still sleeping together, Dean and Virginia are confusing, but not the fact that Dean knows that Virginia is pregnant…..I’M SPEECHLESS! Quiet Ann is missing her Detective Damsel and she is minding her NOT AT ALL, poor Ann you will find someone. Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse, the Russian Miss Murderer, has a sister, who daughter has a baby by Roller, has come to town by changing the game with…….KILLING HER SISTER AND TAKING OVER THE EMPIRE! Okay this is too much, oh no wait, I forgot….she made Roller marry her daughter and now he seeks who else to help him…….DESNA! She sick of all y’all and whatever unfolds next, I will dig you deep into them nails that they will be clawingggggg!!!


Here we have a modern day family, who went rogue and participates in criminal activities, with aims to demonstrate mafia strategies and family goals. You have Mama Bear herself Smurf, she leads this dangerous tribe of BAD BOYS and that is exactly what she has taught them. In addition to survival, this family shows how the road you pave will determine the one you end up on and that is why Smurf is in jail now. The season begins with a shocker and Baz is dead, wasn’t expecting that but he has done some things to his Godmother and not biological mother Smurf. But who killed him and why is what the real BROTHERS want to know. Pope, Deran and Craig want answers, but for some reason their nephew J, is not as emotionally stricken like they are and cause Pope to raise concern. Not feeling his nephew, Pope confronts him in his sleep with a pistol in his mouth, about answers to Baz’s death…OH SHIT IT JUST GOT REAL! Not letting it stop him from Smurf’s request, J gets up close and personal with the Latin drop pick up girl. Just when you think it is just a fling, she manipulates her way into staying at Smurf’s house, I wonder how this will go. With Nicky so oblivious, she does have a good heart despite the fact she doesn’t use her head. Deran was jumped and robbed by some latin haters, Craig pulled off a job and didn’t include his brothers, J asked for help with money from his Uncles and they refused because they don’t want to help Smurf. More to come and the more I will share, that this drama filled with animal behavior will give us!


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