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Today I will dedicate my blog to “TUESDAY’S TEA”, where I will spill the tea on a few of our favorite reality shows. From those big steps of these “LITTLE WOMEN L.A.”, the juicy drama in the music industry from “LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA” and the beauties with balls, despite the fact that all aren’t wives in “BASKETBALL WIVES”. Buckle up, hold on to your seat and pay close attention, while I share the update of our Reality Stars!

little women1


Well our Little Women have dished out another dose of drama and it has Big effects. Tonia and Christy decide to ask mutual friend and relationship Therapist Hasani, to bring the ladies together for some bonding and repair of friendships tactics. After the ladies experience this Big Adventure in nature working together, tension among them was still boiling and it prompted Terra to suggest a weekend getaway. The idea of going to Solvang was put out there and Elena felt it would be a good idea to bring the men along as well to make it a couple’s retreat. Well sure, just count Tonia out, is how the Boss Lady is feeling right now and Terra enlightens her that her confusion on commitment shouldn’t affect the group. Later on Tonia confides in all of the girls but Terra, that she is starting to have feelings for Jai. As if this was a big secret, not and oh well, do you really? Christy makes the arrangements for the trip and upon arrival, the other ladies have concerns with the lodging. Once the couples enter their boudoirs, they realize it is not so bad. All the couples except Christy and Todd, go out horseback riding and Tonia is annoyed by the shade that Mika shared about Christy. Unnecessary fat girl joke was aimed at Christy, when she and her husband stayed behind for a therapy session. Tonia is offended and is adamant that Mika needs to keep her running mouth shut. Now you would think that Mika would slow her roll, NOPE, that is too much like right. This chick tells Terra that she wants to play a prank on Tonia, for her You Tube Channel. Despite the fact that Terra told her not to do it, Terra participated completely in the prank. What was the prank? To have Tonia drink a cocktail and tell her that Mika pissed in it. So Terra video tapes Mika ordering the drink, go into the bathroom with the drink, come out laughing, place the drink in front of Tonia and BOOMMMM, TONIA DRINKS THE COCKTAIL. At this point, Tonia is chasing after Mika to deliver her an ass kicking, and Terra drinks the drink to ensure to all it was a joke. NOT FUNNY TERRA OR MIKA…….I’ll let you know what happened once Tonia caught Mika!



With the gang all in Houston for the Grand Opening of Pressed, Rasheeda has an uninvited guest that was able to tag along with Scrap BM and finally gets her wish to talk granted. Unsure of what to do, Kurt is instructed by his wife to have a seat, because she is going to handle this. Now this was a true BOSS LADY scene and Jasmine got put in her place quick, fast and a hurry away my dear. With the BS out of the way, Rasheeda takes the crew to a Cattle Ranch and all kind of shit hits the fan. The producers share with the cast that Tommie will no longer be shooting, Tokoyo and Spice have a fight, Spice calls out Sierra as two-faced, Sierra and Estelita get into a fight, BK chooses to intervene with total disrespect toward Estelita, Rasheeda helps make a peace treaty between Tokoyo and Spice happen, Karli shows a little interest in Joc and completely ignores Shawn……but wait….is that Kurt and Rasheeda waking up together in bed!!!STFD, OMG, YESSSSSSS…….oh okay the trip ends, but not all issues. Sierra and Shooter sign final divorce papers and they both share a moment on how they could have done better to save their marriage. Shooter is organizing a Put The Guns down event and the Good Guy Stevie J is back and on board. Tokoyo speaks at a empowerment group for women and despite the fact she brought her girl Sierra for support, Sierra calls Tabias to the event as well. Not really feeling him, Tokoyo listens to him, even after she had to dismiss him at her performance. Moving along, Kurt’s daughter Kelsey, drops in to meet her little brother, arranges a blind meet and greet with son, took a selfie to put on Instagram and BOOM…Rasheeda finds out through social media. Come on now Kurt, get it together and do it right. Stevie J has a showcase for Estelita and the crowd is a strong turnout, even Erica Mena, despite the fact she sent The Good Guy a bogus and very rude text. Well in addition to the other invites and guests, Stevie J’s daughter was among the many and felt the need to check Ms. Mena on coming for her daddy……SHE REALLY DON’T PLAY ABOUT HER DAD…..and the Good Guy tries to defuse the situation. Baby girl not going and I think that this BEAUTIES W/BEEF is long from over, but don’t worry….when I know, you will know!

basketball wives1


I must say, no episode goes without a OMG, WTF, SMDH or just plain LOL, when it comes to these few wives and few singles. The drama hit the fan at the wig party when Cece arrived and question the prior event the ladies attended. More importantly, she was back on the Happy Endings birth and indirectly addressed the mean girls, Evelyn and Jennifer. Once Kristen checks OG, the shift turns to Cece being questioned on her intellect and how did she get her degree. After leaving out the event, Kristen follows Cece and let her know how she needs to stand up for herself to the ladies. Convinced that she does, Cece rambles on and then quiets herself when the mean girls come outside. Turning the page, Tami has a meeting with a Pastor she talks to and he gives her an assignment where she can work on her negative thoughts and opinions, before someone gets touched for real. Tami shares the assignment with Shaunie and then suggest that the activity would be good for the whole group. The objective of this activity is to tell all the women something nice about them and yes Tami is struggling. Shaunie agrees to gathering the ladies for the assignment, but not before asking Tami how she feels about Jennifer. If only Tami could have answered the question and kept it moving, nope, she goes and tell Shaunie that a rumor is circulating about her….but it didn’t come from Tami. After honestly admitting that this was definitely MESSY, Tami lets Shaunie in on that she has known but is unable to say what it is……REALLY TAMI, NOT COOL! Of course Shaunie is not letting whatever tea is being served and she has had no taste……..not happen. So the assignment event happens and the ladies….Tami, Shaunie, Jackie, Kristen, Malaysia, Jennifer and Evelyn, are all in attendance, as well as evident tension. Things start off real smooth and for a slight second, you felt a little serenity. But all of a sudden BOOMMMM, Shaunie basically ask Tami to pick up the conversation that they left on and she finds out they others know as well. Of course the mean girls are sitting there like, glad we not in it….WRONG BOO BOOs….you two are all up in it. WTF, DID JENNIFER TELL TAMI THAT EVELYN SLEPT WITH SHAUNIE’S EX? Yes, that is what was said, but Jennifer said Tami asked her, SMDH, this smell like some BS and Ms. Oneal seeing it clearly. My heart actually goes out to Shaunie because she really don’t do story lines, but the way she was looking, some other women better hope they still have a story line. So who was the ex, you know darn well we have to wait and when I find out, so will you!


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