TIME has affected me with the gift of maturity and wisdom, that has been a great tool in my journey of life. The older I became is not the core of my maturity, but it lies in my ability to humble myself in irrational situations and plan out my goals for a schedule to uphold. These traits come with self-respect and ambitious maneuvers, that would not have been available without TIME. I understood about the gift of TIME and decided not to waste it when I went back to school to accomplish my G.E.D. This landed me in the path of college and before you know it, I was a College Graduate….THANK YOU TIME, because many don’t understand its value.

The effects of TIME, is that I realized since it doesn’t stop, it goes quickly and before you know it you will look up and be surprised about how much has passed. Children get older, begin their own lives, families, careers and even move out. You begin to miss the moments that seem so recent and realize that TIME has gifted you with so many blessings, that would not be without you. I relish in the great feeling that I have sown my seeds on this earth and they have been fruitful. We don’t get to rewind or go back to the fine print of that moment for correction, because that is one of the strongest straits of TIME, it doesn’t go in reverse…..IT MOVES UP AND FORWARD. I am at a point in my life where I really take in the moments, seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years…..because these are our accounts of TIME!


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