LOVE can hurt and even feel good, but both are essential for your journey of life and to have an unconditional understanding of this, have been the affects of my life. In my younger days, I searched for LOVE like you could buy it at the local market or something, until reality sunk in. Most important aspect of LOVE, is that it starts with yourself and then gives you the ability to give it and receive it. There is no rules on who, why, what, when or how come in LOVE, it is just up to you to give it to you first and understand that’s where the growth begins. Once this challenge has been mastered, you will know what is needed in both feelings of LOVE, in order to deal with any emotional affects that you encounter in your journey!

LOVE has had its effects in my life by taking the wounds as lessons and making my understanding of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE clearer. From heartbreaks, infidelities, loss, gains, accomplishments, memories, knowledge and wisdom, LOVE has dished me many plates and despite that some may not have been worthy of my LOVE, I learned to not let others damage my ability to use my heart. The same feelings that come over me when I am all happily in LOVE, is the same LOVE that is present when my heart has been broken. Why would LOVE leave when pain hits, it doesn’t because I am LOVE and it lives inside me just for moments like pain!

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