TIME has affected my life with placing deadlines and end of opportunity points, that put a lot of pressure on myself to complete. With much frustration, does come the feeling of why I begin to pursue what it was that I was aiming to achieve or accomplish. The duration in which TIME is present, is the gift that is represented by the opportunity and many times they come once in a lifetime. Understanding that this process of progression, is merely my disciplinary methods that are required to beat that deadline makes me continue.

TIME has been effective through the goal that was ultimately achieved, as a symbol of completion in regards to the task. An example of this can be described through my journey of taking the G.E.D. exam. Back in my day when we went to school, you take the test and you pass or fail. Once I reached the point to actually have the courage to go and take the test, TIME was being included in this process and it put more fear in my efforts. For some reason when I sat down and noticed the amount of TIME that was given for each subject, my goal was to finish, bottom line. I DID, I PASSED AND I AM UTTERLY GRATEFUL FOR THAT GIFT OF OPPORTUNITY!

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