LOVE have left affects of compassion for others and their situations, in my life. I am the type of individual who can not only enjoy a great movie, but also cry or become upset from a truthful documentary. I live in Chicago with high rises in crimes and homicides, all while living within fighting communities. In my years of living in this area I have become very familiar with the neighbors and the regulars, despite what many may do beyond my sight. From good morning greetings, to respecting my views and opinions, to even becoming one of my favorites…I have a LOVE for many. Just because there’s no blood relation or even a pure friendship, my concern runs deep for those you begin to see on a regular. With my home being a few blocks from the local shelter, my heart automatically goes out to these individuals and brings forth a desire to share some LOVE.

LOVE has effected my life with an emotional scar and wound that was left, do to my concern for others. When you become apart of a neighborhood and you watch many people you grew to have LOVE for pass away, it leaves a sunken feeling. To get use to and adjusted to seeing these people in your community daily and then their gone, your heart hurts for them and the ones that LOVE them. Understanding those traumatic feelings and pain, you want to be there for them, because this is the time they need it the most. So yes, I am the one who gives hugs, prayers, fussing sessions, deep talks, an ear, advice or just good old fashion support. In addition, I have a tribute to the ones we lost in our neighbor, on a poster board that I created solely for that purpose, to show how much LOVE I had for them all!

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