DEATH have affected my life with a hole that was left in my heart, due to the passing of my husband. From shocked to angry, the animosity that I felt for this man when I was forced to deal with the unwanted guest of DEATH. No one wants to hear or even imagine their loved one, especially a spouse to die, but with no rewinds or reverse, we have to accept and adjust to this unwelcome visitor. My wounds begin to make me ponder about what affects those future dates when DEATH would come, how was I going to deal with it. I love how the meme points out that, it really depends on how you look at it and that is when I understood that there were scenarios that this was true.

DEATH has effected my life with the presence of something in or near me, that I am unable to see. Many  times people may describe this scenario as crazy or on the edge of it, but unless you have had an experience then you know it is more. DEATH may be the end to us, but it is the beginning for others and when we deal with a loss, we don’t loose the connection. My first encounter came a few months after my husband passed and I was riding in the car listening to some music. When our song hit the airwaves, a sense of sorrow came over me thinking of him and his DEATH, which made me cry. All of a sudden I felt a gust of wind pass through my body and the smell is what made me smile and cry simultaneously. It was my husband’s scent and I knew that he was reassuring me that I would be alright, because he is always with me. And that is exactly how I will continue to look at that experience in my life!

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