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Today I will dedicate my blog to “TUESDAY’S TEA”, where I will share the updates on a few of my favorite TV Dramas and Reality Shows. On this journey I will enlighten you on what those Fancy Felines are doing on “CLAWS”, take you to the jungle and see what’s roaring on “ANIMAL KINGDOM” and then visit those High Maintenance Miss Thangs on “THE REAL HOUSEWIVES OF POTOMAC”!



These Fancy Felines are always up to something full of drama and the Queen B herself leads the pack of these pretty parlor painters. Desna still has no idea that her Mr. Wonderful is the drug Lord himself as she continues to work for the Russian Boss Lady Zlata. After making an effort to win her husband Bryce back, Jennifer is devastated and takes a drink despite her sobriety. Noticing the actions of his wife, Bryce realizes Jennifer is intoxicated and refuses to leave their children with her. Not ready to throw the towel in on her marriage, Jennifer makes an attempt to have a open court with her feline comrades against Bryce to plead her case and even attends a AA meeting with her husband showing up. Bryce is still adamant that he is not able to get over Jennifer sleeping with the Rabi and he will be filing for a divorce. Some nerve of him like he didn’t get caught letting his mother-in-law give him a blow job, that’s why they both got their ass kicked by Jennifer and Desna. Polly is still training the Gorgeous Gay Guys on how to work the pole and with Desna’s approval Dean is taking off his clothes as well. With Russian Boss Lady Zlata telling Desna to move into Jennifer’s house, Virginia and Dean move together with hopes to make their relationship work. Drug Lord Boyfriend Gregory, brings Desna to meet his mother and she witnesses that maybe she might be unwanted competition for Momma Bear. Noticing that Mommy Dearest is most definitely a Boss Lady as well, Desna thinks twice before accepting Gregory’s proposal for marriage. Uncle Daddy and his nit twit sons crew are cooking up something that can release them from the claws of Russian Boss Lady Zlata. Quiet Ann is talking loud and proud, especially with her missing her cop boo thang, that her Boss Lady Desna ordered her to do. From meeting up with her parents for dinner with her Senator brother, who is secretly holding onto his gay status, to finding out that WTF… her parents are gay as well. Once Mom and Dad explained that their disappointment didn’t lye in Quiet Ann’s sexuality, but rather that she went to jail, the family begins to have a better understanding of one another. Poor Ann, she is getting hit all around and then to top it off…..SHE WALES OFF AND SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF DESNA! Okay, Quiet Ann, what is wrong beautiful and then once she reveals that her and her lover of the law were making efforts to make a family, Boss Lady Desna orders Quiet Ann to go get her woman. Understanding that her heart was no longer working for law enforcement as the reason to Desna’s approval of the relationship, but wait, what…THE BOO THANG IS STILL A COP and she is open to Quiet Ann’s reconnect…..I wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with Dr. Ken being arrested at the gas station by who…….QUIET ANN’S BOO THANG AND HER PARTNER. I will catch you up when I find out how the hell he got him and obviously his crew caught up!




When it comes to the jungle ain’t nothing but straight animal behavior going on, in the life of Smurf and her offspring’s. From jail, Smurf knows who, what, when, where and how, by placing her business in the hands of her grandson J. Craig goes surfing and realizes that his mother was releasing finances to a surfing victim, that just randomly stopped and question J on what happened. J is focusing on the next hit and gets a scheme from Smurf for the boys to pull of. Unaware that Smurf has snaked the creator of this come up behind bars, the plan goes well with money in hand. With the law all in this family’s business, a connection is suspected to Smurf and her boys in regards to a crime. Smurf is visited in jail and question on how J may be laundering money for her, while being assured they will be caught. Deran begins sleeping with the male nurse he met at the hospital with Craig for his broken shoulder, because he is having daddy issues. Daren’s father refuse for him and his girlfriend to leave, implying how he needs to be here for his son. Nikki shares with J that she slept with another man and he gives her the cold shoulder, which sends her to the point to leave. Not before questioning J on whether he is sleeping with the Latino visitor and with no response, she can tell what the answer is. Making the attempt and effort to go to stay with her father, her trip is put in reverse when she hears the unwelcome feeling her father gave off. Pope is really trying to be the responsible guardian to his niece and when she cuts off another students hair with some scissors at school, he understands there are some serious issues here. After questioning J’s visitor on her intentions, Pope takes a trip to the jailhouse to get the real 411 on this girl and not from his mother, so you just not going to say hi, WOW! With the information that she was not sent there by them and that she is definitely a danger to be cautious with, Pope knows what needs to be done. Craig visits his mother in jail and she wants to know what took him so long to come, but not with him asking as to why J is in charge and about the surfers money. Reassuring her son that his nephew wasn’t in charge, she ensured him that the surfer would get the money. Not happy about the Latino visitor, Daren’s dad and his concubine, J’s unclear movements and the law closing in…..Smurf has got to figure something out quick. When that next move of her’s is made, I will most definitely share the tea with you all!


potomac wives


High maintenance honored in this clash of the divas and you just don’t know which way it will go. After placing the dynamic two, Gizell and Robin out of her event by security, the Grand Dam herself Karen refuses to deal with any unnecessary drama with any of the ladies. Gizell and Robin grow closer, as they continue to want to call Karen out on her fake and phoniness, all while still doing them. Monique decides to invite the ladies to Cannes, Paris and extends the invite to all with the objective to create a clean slate. With a Mime delivering the invites personally, Monique wanted to show a sense of her creative side and it seems as if Robin enjoyed it, despite whatever her decision will be. Gizell sends Monique a text and respectfully declines the invitation, without first acknowledging that the two of them had unfinished business….OH YEAH, I FORGOT….she declined for Robin as well. Meanwhile, Charrisse invites Monique over to share with her the quiet revelations that she has been harboring and before Charrisse is even able to share her views completely, Monique burst out in tears. Sharing that Charrisse has been the one true friend that she can count on in this group, Monique confides that she feels as if the friendship between them two is not needed since Charrisse is rekindling her friendship with Gizell, Robin and Karen. Making sure that her friend knows she loves her, Charrisse consoles Monique with an embrace of understanding, to obviously represent that they would move forward. Candiace and her husband are creating their pre-nup plan for marriage and she is concerned with the things he says to her when he gets angry. Hopefully this couple will make it to the alter, with the money and the desire. Ashley and her husband throw a Open Mic Night at the restaurant OZ and all of the ladies are invited, while Ashley has a little surprise and secret in store. Monique arrives and feels as if this is the perfect time to have a side bar with Gizell, to see if a neutral ground can be set. Well isn’t this just the beginning of a cordial cat fight, or maybe a rational conversation between two strong women. The talk goes OKAY and they part with agreeing to disagree, while Gizell makes it clear to Monique that her and Robin’s presence on this trip won’t be them being very social with the group. Accepting those wishes of Gizell, Monique heads to the table to converse with Robin on their issues and Robin has no problem addressing them neither. But not before Grand Dam Karen decides to give Robin and Gizell their chance to speak and share whatever is on their mind. This is too much at a supposedly good friend of y’all event and you all decide to do it now. Ashley tinkers her glass to signal the intermission of whatever is happening and the girls inevitably agree on the trip, but only after Karen has left the room. Putting the BS to the side and loving the fact that her mother Shelia came out, Ashley makes the move to share her surprise to her husband and friends. Not aware that he would be serenaded by his wife, Michael is overwhelmed with joy on what his wife did and it even gave me chills…..GO ASHLEY! Until these High Maintenance Divas dish us another dose, I will return with all of the juicy details!



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