DEATH has affected my life with a will to forgive and move forward, because we don’t get second chances. The loss of my father gave me a sense of gratitude, because despite the fact he didn’t raise me, I was there for him in his sickness before DEATH. With throat cancer taking over my father, I watched this man endure so much pain and the only thing I wanted was to be there for him. His DEATH hit me harder then any of his children and not out of guilt, but because we had actually developed a relationship that I was utterly grateful for.

DEATH have effected my life with a farewell feeling to my dad and not a sad goodbye, because my faith tells me there is something more. Sharing the journey of my father down the road of an illness, whose ultimate stop is DEATH, I was able to be create memories with him up until his last days. I recall a picture that me and my brother took with my dad, at the nursing home the day before he died and the smile on my face was one of a little girl and her daddy. This moment I knew was proof that our relationship had gotten stronger and I made sure he was surrounded in love, moments before his DEATH!

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