TIME have affected my life with allowing my youth to age so gracefully and yes it feels good too. Many occasions have occurred where my age is question or even carded and with bringing a smile to my face for the compliment, I have to thank TIME. When you have children young, you tend to grow up with them and before you know it, you are mistaken for their generation. This happens to me a lot over TIME, and without allowing it to go to my head, I look at this new generation with memories of when I was really that age and not just look it.

TIME has been effective in my life by placing myself in the position to see things from another generation’s perspective, and respect what growing older entails. Yes I may look young, but I am an old soul and have had many lessons throughout my TIME. To have the opportunity to see other generations come forth and also still enjoy my mother, is something that I am grateful for daily. I remember my youth and things are definitely different now, but I love the fact that I am able to experience and appreciate the blessings of what were given to me in TIME!

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