TIME has affected my life through committed relationships, for which I gave periods of duration in my life to someone else. From a long term relationship that resulted in children, to a marriage for a decade and eight years in my current relationship, I have definitely dedicated my TIME to those commitments. Sharing parts of your life with individuals over the years, with hopes that the goals stay in line during the TIME that you are together, are investments that are of value to both partners in the relationship.

TIME has effected my life through giving me the experience and understanding of being in a committed relationship. Some people a very unfamiliar with what it takes to have, hold strong and grow in a relationship, which often is learned over TIME. I am appreciative of the experiences that I have gained in my journey of life, because they have taught me many lessons from that TIME I was in those relationships. Which then allows me to understand and identify things that need to be addressed in my current or future relationships!

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