TIME has affected my life with the appreciation of living in multiple eras, which is consumed of four decades of change. With my birth in the 70’s, the Disco era, I was very familiar with music from that TIME because my parents played so much of it. In my days and all the eras that followed, my generation traveled through changes in TIME that made us adapt and adjust. My favorite of course was the 80’s and 90’s, for that era gave me much entertainment and not just through technology.

TIME has effected my life with experience and respect for the eras that society has encountered. I am able to look at throwback pictures out the photo album, because in that TIME we had to actually get the pictures developed to see them. The actual manual labor of doing things, was only way to do things in those eras and TIME was able to not let me forget that. To this day, I still read a book, turn on the radio, will play a LP on a record player or just plain write down notes on a piece of paper!

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