DEATH has affected my life with a visual of the deceased, that doesn’t go away long after they are laid to rest. The very first time I actually witness a deceased body, it was my grandmother’s DEATH. There is a difference that you begin to notice as you view the body and many times the loved one doesn’t look the same. Understanding that DEATH brings forth much change, one thing that is hard for people to accept is how your appearance in the casket may not be the same!

DEATH has effected my life with a preparation and literacy of the process of which loved ones experience when they pass. At first I really thought that in DEATH, you would look like you looked when you were alive. But the reality of how when someone passes due to a range of reasons, the appearance is liable to change before DEATH and there may be things that can’t be done to the body. Therefor I have decided that it really isn’t about how they look when there gone, but how they made me feel when they were alive!

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