DEATH has affected my life with the experience of legends passing away, which allows you you witness a nation wide mourning. From Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, Tupac, Biggie and Aliyah, I witness with a country the DEATH of these great icons and you could feel the loss around the world. Many people may not be able to recall the complete actions of their day when these legends passed, but we all remember their DEATH and thankful for the experience of such greats!

DEATH has effected my life with a knowledge of great legends, that I am able to pass on to future generations. Understanding that icons like the ones above, new generations may only know of their DEATH and I can recall accounts of these legends life. To share the great stories of their time, wonderful ways they entertained us through their talents, gratitude for how they inspired us and just honor them in their DEATH, is something I am thankful for!

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