I live in Chicago and see an up close and personal view of what my city encounters, from homicides, assaults, police brutality and unjustified deaths. This is so heavy on my heart because with being an Chicago Native, I just don’t remember growing up with this awful epidemic that has plagued my home of residence. It becomes overwhelming and emotionally stressful to look at the news daily and just see so much death. Unfortunately our city is devastated by yet another unjustifiable death from a Police Officer of another black man and with video footage and witnesses, it seems as if something is just not legal in this case. But this seems to be a common feeling for us Chicagoan’s and if the police not killing us, our own people are doing it. This is why I am one of the ones who sheds tears when I see one of the neighborhood guys shot dead in the street or watching the news and hear the number of homicides that occurred just within the weekend. I have two sons and three grandsons, whom I pray for daily and ask God to protect them in this combat war zone perimeter that they reside in. One of the local Pastors in Chicago initiated and implemented a shut down of one of the major expressways, just to bring some attention to this horrible epidemic that lives in the walls of our county. It will take more than just him or some assembled protest, for us as civilians in this big city to actually see a change.


On a personal level, I have actually lost my husband to the horrific streets of Chicago and in 2009 he was murdered and threw in the back of the trunk of a car. Not only was he a victim to the harsh realities of this city, but homicides like this leaves more pain behind than with the actual crime itself. To see your husband leave you one day and never see him alive again, is one of the most traumatic scenes I have ever witness. From that knock on the door from detectives, hearing the news that he has been killed, identifying his corpse, claiming his possessions, informing loved ones of his passing, signing a death certificate, viewing his body in his casket and watched him be lured down in the ground…..THIS IS TOO COMMON FOR MANY WOMEN LIKE ME IN THE CITY OF CHICAGO!

Something has to change and real soon because the males are not the only ones fed up and fueled with revenge, these victims have left behind seeds and offspring. If a beginning of a solution to a long lasting problem doesn’t evolve, I feel as if the homicide rate will increase, because their is too much pain and anger that roam the streets of CHICAGO!


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