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Today I would like to dedicate my blog to “TUESDAY TEA”, where I will share with you the update on the season premier of “LOVE & HIP HOP HOLLYWOOD”. From Boss B*#@$ Beef, Ballers turning up, strippers shooting their shot, pregnancies being question, cheating circulating and shade being thrown left and right…..I WILL GIVE YOU THE TEA ON WHAT IS GOING ON IN HOLLYWOOD BABY!


This season opens up with the return of KIMBERLY (A.K.A. K. MICHELLE) and she has a lot on her mind to share with whomever. She arrives and meets up with BRIDGET KELLY & MONIECE at a little outside dine in. KIMBERLY shares with the girls that she is here  and ready to do her, all while she is in the midst of surgeries to correct her buttocks plants. Her openness to what she is going through is sympathetic, but  she also has to face the physical pain that comes along with. her encouragement for women to not indulge in this type of plastic surgery is great, but why now, because it isn’t working for you….STOP IT, BUT YOU RIGHT! She also confides how her issues with BROOKE still exists, an issue that she now has with LYRICA and her consistent version of how her ex assistant PARIS stole from her. What she doesn’t know is that BRIDGET KELLY has squashed her beef with BROOKE and they are working on friendship……but most importantly her ex side hand PARIS, is running in her circle!

So KIMBERLY meets up with LYRICA when she came to her rehearsal and feels that she needs to know how she feels. LYRICA, unaware of K’s revelations, thinks she is coming to go over the elements of her performing in K‘s show. KIMBERLY sits LYRICA down and tells her she is spoiled because of actions like arriving one hour late to a previous show they did. Looking like WTF are you talking about, LYRICA denies the whole story and begins to defend the allegations. After storming out of the place, LYRICA refuses to let it go and storms right back inside to defend herself some more to K. But when KIMBERLY has the audacity to allege that LYRICA has been making moves to accompany SAFARI in the bedroom and that her marriage to A1 is fake, both these ladies almost got to fighting. With some liquid thrown, stool pushed toward ones, numerous of disrespectful dags and a security escort out, LYRICA and KIMBERLY are definitely not good!

Then you have SOLO LUCCI who says he is on top of the world and throws a party for all to come. With guests like RAY J, TEAIRRA, A1, NIKKI and a few exotic dancers, this party was getting interesting by the minute. NIKKI and TEAIRRA arrive and walk right up to RAY J, in which respectful greetings were administered and didn’t take long before the convo became deep. Why in the hell would NIKKI put RAY J on the spot in front of TEAIRRA about RAY J not being home with his pregnant wife PRINCESS. Much respect for TEAIRRA not taking an opportunity to slide in, because honestly RAY J was looking at her like she was nice on the eye again. A stripper whose objective is to get into the music game, decides to put her eye on a connection that she feel could help, not knowing that A1 is a married man, she shoots her shot. Loving the effort after giving her the opportunity to spit and most definitely the booty work action, A1 makes it rain on her but not quick enough to keep LYRICA from seeing the stripper APPLE WATTS in a twerk session. I must give props to APPLE WATTS because once she realized that this was his wife, she immediately shared an apology and insisted no disrespect was intended. But of course LYRICA wasn’t going to let that slide without sliding out her mouth with the B word and let’s just say APPLE WATTS ain’t no punk. Escorting his wife outside after she bluntly slapped the spit out of him, A1 insist that LYRICA just did too much for no reason. Explaining how she just had this episode with KIMBERLY and she isn’t up to fight with her husband, they calm down. Making note to deal with K, A1 embraces his wife and ensures her that he has her back!

Later there is another meetup of beauties at what is called the BOSS B*%$# BRUNCH and this time it is PRINCESS, PARIS, NIKKI and LYRICA, with much to catch up on since PRINCESS is now six months pregnant. LYRICA shares her pow wow with KIMBERLY and of course PARIS is not feeling her neither, with the accusations of being a thief in all. PRINCESS shares that she caught RAY J cheating and she has moved out the house, while LYRICA is not so sure if that is the best thing right now. PRINCESS goes on to tell the ladies how MONIECE  is spreading lies that BRANDY, RAY J’s sister, is actually carrying the baby. Evidently understanding that isn’t true, because she sits in front of them pregnant, they can understand her frustration. PRINCESS vows to put her hands on MONIECE if she comes across her anytime and the ladies insist how this is not what is needed while your pregnant, all but PARIS. What she doesn’t know is that RAY J‘s mom met up with him to talk about how PRINCESS has put their business and lies all on social media and the world. She feels as if this is a total disrespect to the family and most definitely RAY J, while promising to never speak to PRINCESS again if she doesn’t give a public statement and retract the allegations. Not wanting a war between his wife and his mother, RAY J just sits there and listen like an obedient child!

AD, MONIECE‘s boo or ex boo, I’m so confused, had a fashion show for her clothing line and of course MONIECE was in attendance. With BRIDGET KELLY being on the guest list, she decided to make her plus one be PARIS and that was a big mistake. Not long after arriving at the fashion show, PARIS gets view of MONIECE and decides it is her duty to inform PRINCESS so she can make her way to a place she wasn’t invited too. Not sure if she thought that this little big bogus disrespectful pop up would do, but it had PRINCESS entering the fashion show and taking over the podium. After delivering a message to MONIECE on how she is very much pregnant, PRINCESS throws more shade right in front of all who turned out for AD’s event. Not accepting or appreciating the disrespect for her show, but more importantly MONIECE, she comes to the defense of her girlfriend, I guess, because she knew this wasn’t the place for that. Taking only so much, MONIECE finally rises to attack and grabs a chair as if to throw it at PRINCESS, but not before security stepped into to intervene. They really didn’t have a good hold because MONIECE was able to get out of a back door in pursuits to catch PRINCESS, but you know they didn’t let it get that far. PARIS made efforts to hold PRINCESS, but that means nothing compared to the fact that she is the reason that PRINCESS showed up. We have definitely not heard the last of this beef and I’m sure some one is going to pay for destroying AD‘s fashion show, that is so unfair!

A1 vowed to his wife that he would deal with KIMBERLY and that is exactly what he did. His approach I must say was very respectable and he came to her like a man should a woman. But honestly, I am beginning to feel as if this season of KIMBERLY is going to be a nasty one because she comes off bitter or mad. After sharing what LYRICA did at the prior event, KIMBERLY felt as though A1 is spoiling his wife and her actions are showing it. That’s when A1 felt it necessary to inform K that she is jealous of LYRICA because she is in and K is not. Not taking that type of spit, K defends herself and before you know it A1 admits that he doesn’t feel like KIMBERLY has a voice or talent, which provokes her to tell him to leave. Not having a problem with excusing himself, A1 throws more shade a K and then she tries to say he really isn’t a producer…..GIRL BYE, STOP IT, WE SEE YOU! I don’t know why she felt the need to reenter the reality scene with this type of attitude, oh yes I do….THEY PAY HER TO DO IT! Well keep cashing them checks honey and keep getting checked because that is some drama to watch. Maybe KIMBERLY should just pursue acting, she don’t need a big booty for that. Whatever happens next, just know I will be sharing the 411 with you all and it most definitely will be juicy!



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