Today I will dedicate my blog to “TEA ON TUESDAY”, where I will share the updates on the popular and one of my favorite TV Shows, “POWER”. From the past and to the future of “GHOST”, with aide and assist from his right hand ally “TOMMY” and a lost old comrade “KANAN” whose loyalty is still question, this show gives me chills. Therefore I felt it was necessary and inevitable that I dedicate the complete blog to it!



We return and the family is most definitely grieving the loss of their beloved daughter, twin sister, sister, niece and God child, Raina. Understanding that she must be laid to rest and funeral arrangements made, Ghost and Tasha still have to watch out for Tariq, since he did kill the crooked cop who killed his sister. Unbelievably Tasha and Angela work together to get some info cleared out of the States Attorney Information System and Ghost has no clue. Tasha wants to inform Angela that it wasn’t Ghost who killed the cop and her help was needed for Tasha’s sake. Unaware the AUSA is really watching her in that new head position, Angela goes back to her ways of using the law for her benefit. The Councilman Rashad Tate request for Raina’s funeral to be performed at the church, only with an altered motive of exploiting her death. When Ghost and Tasha meet with the Pastor of the church, he suggest that they go to grief counseling and Tasha arranges exactly that. When Tasha and Ghost attend the grief support group, they learn of a couple who understands their pain and shares how they know the whereabouts of their child’s killer. Tommy meets up with his Italian familia, with an objective to gather an army for the war with Dre and the Cartel. Once he encounters his new relatives, Tommy comes across two rookies looking to make some money and decides they will help in kidnapping Dre. With Tariq overhearing what is to take place at the given moment and in the middle of the Raina’s funeral, Tariq dips off and tips Dre off to run. Only to have him run into the two and get captured, but not too long before Dre shoots one and fleas the scene. Not knowing that the rookie that was shot, was Tommy’s new Italian main man son, he has alot of explaining to do and addresses the situation with much respect and money issuance. The Italian familia is okay for now as he focus on his son, because Tommy ensured that the individual behind this was taken care of. Meanwhile Kanan wants to know where he stands with Ghost and Tommy because he feels like he has showed how he is down. Kanan has other motives, but for Raina to be killed was just not cool in his head and he does want in on the hustle. At the burial as Ghost stands over his deceased daughter’s grave, Dre walks up and basically tells Ghost to relax because he knows he not packing at this moment. Heated as ever, Ghost listens as Dre insist on his innocence and condolences on Raina’s death and is passed a tarot card symbolizing how Dre won’t be touched or Ghost will. Knowing that this insurance is the work of the cartel, Ghost needs to let off some anger and discreetly kills the man who murdered the couple’s daughter from the grief support group. What a way to kick off the season and get us all submerged in this JUICY DRAMA!



Tommy and his father Teresi find themselves in a situation with the Italian familia, when they find out that Tommy never handle the ones who hit their people. With just being released from prison and Tommy not knowing if there is a catch line, he has constant eyes on his father and any motives he has. But when the Italians put them both in a tight situation, due to the fact that the problem wasn’t handle, makes Teresi choose between his son’s life or best friend’s life to be taken. Stunned and shocked by the ultimatum given, Teresi pulls the trigger toward his best friend and the gun is empty. Thankful for not having to kill his best friend, Teresi has to take the pill of loosing the Italian ally or business from this point forward. This includes Tommy as well and he is destined to find out who spilled the beans as he confides in Ghost and Kanan later at his house. With Ghost getting ready for a fundraiser for the community project in Raina’s name and her birthday, he leaves but not before reminding Tommy to come by the house for the celebration. Kanan lags behind and spends more time trying to convince Tommy that he needs to stop moving when Ghost says move and be his own person. Understanding where he coming from, Tommy still questions Kanan and doesn’t see his smirk as he walks out the door.

After reaching out to Angela and not getting an answer, Ghost finally gets her to meet up and has no clue that she will be doing more investigations on his comrades and associates. Angela introduces a possible case to build against the Jimenz brother and sister, after she has a side bar with her superior on the team already doing a wire tap that could hurt the investigation. After Angela left the meeting, her superior warned the crew that Angela was on to them and they needed to produce some evidence soon or be shut down. Angela reaches out to Proctor with an objective to get him to work with her, so that he can get his lawyer license back. Not sure how Angela needs him to help, but they meet up with Tommy and he is furious when he sees Angela. Cutting the small talk short, Angela retrieves the tracker from Tommy’s car and his face is to die for. Giving him an ultimatum to work with her or eventually go to jail, he gives Proctor the nasty look and leaves.

Ghost has had to accept the fact that his new business associate, Councilman Tate, forces him to work with his top rival, Dre. Furious about even having to look at this trash, Ghost has Simon, a devil he knows, accompany him to a meeting with the Councilman and Dre. Unaware that Tate’s objective is to have Dre as the face for the foundation, Ghost questions Simon on how is he just going to let this happen? Simon simple reminds Ghost of how no matter what Simon threw his way, he conquered, so pull them tricks out now and that is just what he did. Ghost used his skills and intelligence and was able to get Dre removed from his club, to keep him from throwing the fundraiser and have it at TRUTH, something that the Councilman didn’t like at all. At the fundraiser at TRUTH, Councilman Tate brings Dre with him and Ghost snaps at them both. With being intoxicated and pissed as hell, Ghost attacks Tate in front of everyone and Simon insist that he leave. How the hell Tate think that he is going to get away with this, I don’t believe Ghost is going!

Tasha meets up with her lawyer lover at the bakery to purchase the cake for Tariq’s birthday and becomes emotional when the baker speaks on this time of year for the twins again, because he was unaware of Raina’s death. Falling into her lovers arm, she never told the baker who name to put on the cake. Tasha prepares for the dinner birthday celebration, that her mother planned for Tariq and wait for everyone to arrive. In attendance is Tasha, her mother, Keisha, Tariq and baby sister. Tommy eventually shows up and the family patiently waits for Ghost to arrive. After seeing that he won’t make it, the dinner starts and Tommy questions Ghost’s appearance to Tasha as she states how she has been texting him. Once the only ones left at the house were Tasha, her mother and Tariq, her lawyer lover arrives with the cake. After a misunderstanding and straight accusation that Ghost killed the dirty cop and Tasha is protecting him, the lawyer tells her to contact him when she done with Ghost. Focusing on the cake and the celebration, Tasha opens the cake and OMG….it has Raina’s name. Emotional and frustrated, Tasha misses her daughter and secludes herself in Raina’s room. Wanting to console his mother, Tariq questions his mother on would she have felt better if he had died instead, as if she needed any more pain, THIS KID HERE. Later on Ghost arrives home drunk and since Tariq is up, he sees his father in this rare form. With so much emotion in the air, Tariq pulls it with his father and Tasha comes in to intervene. Wanting to put his foot in his son’s ass, Ghost is too drunk to stabilize himself and is hurt when Tasha request that he leave. After Ghost left, Tariq decides to reach out to his new old friend Kanan to come scoop him up. Too much in one day, Ghost has a revelation an decides to call the Pastor for some guidance. Once he speaks with the Pastor and has an epiphany, he ends up at Angela’s house and she lets him in, WTF…HERE WE GO AGAIN, BUT MAYBE THIS IS THE ROUTE!

Kanan was approached by a very interesting crack head, played by the talented Kendrick Lamar, and pays him to lure him to some Italians. Not sure of all of his motives but Kanan was able to get his new found minon to distract an Italian, while Kanan took him out cold blood. Allowing the crack head to take what he wanted and feed him a descent meal, Kanan hesitated on killing him and instead gave him the gun and told him to sell it for some money. I think and believe that we will be seeing this little intelligent helper a whole lot more, very interesting character they have introduced here. Trust and believe as the saga unfolds, I will definitely keep you all in the loop!



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