Life is a one time opportunity,

Don’t miss your beat.

Just pull up your pants, brush off your shoulders,

And stand tall on your feet.

A smooth ride is not promised and not the one of guarantee,

Just remember to be grateful and thankful,

As you continue to pray on a daily.



Love is unconditional and without hidden affairs,

True, Genuine and Pure, will come from the one who cares.

Different forms that will fulfill you and experience in many ways,

Everlasting feelings and memories, to help you on your bad days.



The Earth is our neighborhood and it’s Continents are our homes,

And we designed them with cities for the generations that comes.

We need to devise a plan, for the future to habitat and grow,

Or they will be left with the reminants of debris, of a constant destructive flow.


Father and Mother I love you, you were assigned to bring me forth,

With nurturing and protective memories, you taught me to know my worth.

I will always hold you dear and show respect all the time,

For you both are my Day 1’s, and I couldn’t have asked for better to be mine.



To learn and unlearn, that which changed my direction,

Pulled me from lies that I was told and toward a Devine connection.

To love who you are and understand who I AM,

Became the first step in my journey, to where I AM!!

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